Fire Restoration and Cleanup

in House Springs, MO

You may be anxious to clean your home after a fire, but unless you take the time to get professional advice, you may be wasting your efforts or creating further damage. Contact Brico Fire Restoration immediately once the fire is out.

We will provide advice on restoration or replacement of damaged items. If you rent, notify the owner so both of you can assess the damage with our mitigation team.

Our team of professional fire restorers can prevent further damage, help determine which items can or cannot be refurbished, and provide estimates and services for thoroughly cleaning and deodorizing your home or business. The cost for restoration is usually substantially less than the cost of replacing damaged furnishings and structures.

If there is more substantial damage to your home, like damage to the structure, wiring, or foundation of your house, Brico can help you as well. We are fully licensed contractors and can help you rebuild your home, and restart your life.


•Fire Damage Inspection

•Fire Damage Remediation

•Fire Damage Restoration

About Us

Brian has always had his hands in home repair. When he was a young adult, he took interest in buying properties that needed repair to re-inhabited. In 1984, Brian and a an investment group bought some homes that had been ravaged with fire damage. It was then that Brian was able to see what an undertaking it was to clean and restore a property after a fire.

Only 2 years later, Brian realized his calling for his career was in fire restoration and has become an expert at it over the past 24 years. Brian not only does smaller clean up like soot on a kitchen ceiling, but will also gut a home and replace all infrastructure from the ground up. This type of complete rebuilding often includes electrical and plumbing newly re-finished spaces that can take you back to the original layout of the home or even re-create the space with new ideas and layouts. Brian will be happy to assist from start to finish any job small or large. Brian the owner is on site at each job and his company is handled by 4 very experienced and quality craftsmen like himself.